Nina Nastasia en concierto

Domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010 – 21:00 h.

Teatro Zorrilla – Sala Experimental

Entrada: 12€ anticipada – 15€ taquilla *

(entradas próximamente a la venta en la cafetería del Teatro Zorrilla)

Más de un lustro después de su último paso por nuestro país, Nina Nastasia inicia en Valladolid la gira española de presentación de su nuevo álbum, «Outlaster, publicado en el sello Fat Cat Records. Esta nueva entrega, que tan buenas críticas a recogido por parte de la prensa especializada de todo el mundo, fue grabada por Steve Albini con la colaboración de Paul Bryan en los arreglos, Jeff Parker en la guitarra y Jay Bellerose en la batería.

Aún sin ser tan conocida como Cat Power o Joanna Newsom, Nina Nastasia sí puede presumir de tener y haber tenido ilustres admiradores, como el desaparecido John Peel. También cuenta con la admiración de Bill Callahan, quien ha alentado su inminente gira por España.

El concierto se celebrará en la Sala Experimental del Teatro Zorrilla, que inicia así su programación esta temporada.

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«Over four albums, she’s pared down her song-poem style to a point where skeletal surfaces only need to hint at her characters’ back-stories for impact. She doesn’t overburden their tales with analysis or self-pity: instead, she anatomises the emotions at stake with needlepoint precision.» **** (The Independent)

«These intimate hushes and lilts would be remarkable even as instrumentals…. Yet it’s Nastasia’s voice–and the words that it sings–that really sucks the air out of the room.» ****(Mojo)

«Trembles with intensity. There’s a clarity and truth to the way these songs sound that allow [Nastasia] to steer from joy to grief deftly and directly».

«Spare, beautiful, outstanding.» **** (Uncut)

«Curiously compelling for something so minimal, it’s like nothing else around.» **** (Q Magazine)

«Delicate songs with unexpected, unnerving strength.» **** (The Guardian)

«Ms. Nastasia’s songs reach back to the staples – waltzes and ballads, love and death – for music that verges on parables, set to a porchful of unplugged instruments.» (New York Times Best Of)

«Her countrified songs often begin as gothic lullabies, swallowed up in darkness and longing, as if the instruments themselves were suffering heartbreak.» (Filter)

«Matter of fact, subdued in the face of travails that somehow contrive to sound awesome and ancient, however sordid and modern they are. Riveting.» (The Observer)

«Nastasia’s pen has sharpened greatly since The Blackened Air. No more does she scratch out mental images and feelings into terse songs, but builds upon those images and experiences — placing the listener in her worn, ragged shoes — instead of in our Gucci’s, 20 feet away, behind a chained link fence.» (Stylus Magazine)

«Music that is intricate, dreamlike and inspired.» (Village Voice)

«Each spin of the record is like witnessing an intimate performance with her seven piece band.» (CMJ Monthly)

«This New Yorker’s remarkable second disc – a fresher,less affected effort than virtually anything from trad-country revivalists.» (Entertainment Weekly)

«Completely enrapturing, crackling with a rare energy and unbending assurance played out in unexpected melodic twists and breathtaking performances by Nastasia’s band.» (Pulse)

«A beautiful album of uniqueness and unfailing spirit.» (Outburn)

«What keeps Nastasia from succumbing to grotesque melodrama is the razor-like incisiveness she brings to her lyrics. «(

Whatever spaces the arrangements leave enable the imagination to play as much of a role as the instrumentation. (All Music Guide)

«The more Nastasia withdraws into her own world, the more attractive her music becomes.» (

«Usually quiet though never passive, these songs lurch by, crowning, crowing, being cowed.» (Flak Magazine)

«The most striking improvement is her singing. She’s a stronger vocalist, her almost-plain tone rising into higher registers, and her usual range has grown more earthily gorgeous. But more than anything, she demonstrates a new expressiveness.» (Pitchfork)

«By exposing the production devices and disrupting easy identification, Albini and Nastasia force intellectual engagement rather than mere reflexive emotional connection.» (PopMatters)

«Nastasia’s gaze is still directed inwards, obsessed with the vivid minute imagery of relationships and an increasing dark streak — a still-blackening air.» (Splendid)

«Albini captures a recording full of heart, a sound quiet and full, rough and clear.»(Junkmedia)

«Where The Blackened Air sounded haunting, Run to Ruin sounds downright haunted, and, indeed, it’s got moments filled with menace and chords written to make you feel uncomfortable.» (

«What gives the album life, though, is Nastasia’s airy, intimate voice.» (Rolling Stone)

Nina Nastasia en concierto
Domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010 – 21:00 h.

Teatro Zorrilla – Sala Experimental

Entrada: 12€ anticipada – 15€ taquilla *

(entradas próximamente a la venta en la cafetería del Teatro Zorrilla)

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